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Lakhiraj (rent-free grant) an Arabic term for rent-free land granted as a mark of favour to a subject by a superior landholder or the sovereign. Lakhiraj lands were donations of kings to religious and charitable institutions. There were Lakhiraj estates for the maintenance of the members of royal family and the ministers. There were also Debottara, Brahmattara, Pirmuttara and Baksha estates as well. Debottara estates were granted to defray the expenses of the worship of a deity. Brahmattara land was granted for the support of the Brahmins. For the maintenance of the religious place of the Muslim Sufi Saints Pirmuttara land was given. Also there were aima or lands for charity organisations, cheragi or lands for upkeeping shrines, madat-i-mas or lands for the support of educational and benevolent institutions. According to law, the successors to the lakhiraj lands can enjoy them but cannot transfer them without a sanction from the government.