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A comprehensive account of India under the Mughal emperor Akbar, compiled in 1590 by Abul Fazl.

A subordinate executive official under native rule; in Sind the name is still applied to Hindus of the clerical class.

 Anukul Chandra Mukherjee (1829 – 1871 AD)
Justice Anukul Chandra Mukherjee was Born on 1829 AD. Educated at the Hindu College, Calcutta. He worked as Senior Scholar, Nazir under the Magistrate of Howrah. Anukul Chandra Passed the Law Examination in 1855 AD, and became Pleader of the "Sadar Court". In 1868 He became the Fellow of the Calcutta University, and Junior Government Pleader; in 1870 AD Senior Government Pleader and Member of the Bengal Legislative Council. Anukul Chandra became the Puisne Judge (regular member of a Court) of the High Court, Calcutta in 1870 AD. Anukul Chandra Mukherjee died on August 17, 1871 AD.

An incarnation of Vishnu