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  James Frankcom
Thursday, 30. December 2010 09:58 PM   - Write a comment Send E-mail
I need some more information about the royal dynasty of Murshidabad.

Question 1: Is Wakif Ali Mirza (the eldest son and heir of Waresh Ali Mirza, the last Nawab who died in 1969) known as "Sunni Sahib" still alive? If he is he must now be very old because he was born in 1923. If this man is still alive, where does he now live?

Question 2: Are the children of Wakif Ali Mirza (such as Wahid Ali Walter Mirza (b.1961)) disinherited like their father (by order of Waresh Ali Mirza)?

Question 3: Is Waqar Ali Mirza (second son of Waresh Ali Mirza) known as "Chippu Sahib" who was born in 1930 still alive? If so, where does he live? If his elder and brother and his elder brothers children are disinherited then presumably he is the Heir Presumptive?

Question 4: Does Waqar Ali Mirza (second son of Waresh Ali Mirza) known as "Chippu Sahib" have any children of his own?


Please send the answers to jfrankcom (AT) btinternet (DOT) com
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