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Saturday, 17. August 2019 03:58 PM
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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  Tanoy Ghosh
Tenya, Murshidabad
Monday, 22. September 2014 11:28 AM   - Write a comment Send E-mail
Hello, people of Murshidabad, I am here to introduce you to our Cultural Organization TENYA CHHATRAPATI SANSKRITI CHAKRA..

Like every year, this year also we are going to organize CULTURAL COMPETETIONS on Various Events (Music, Art, Dance, Recitation, Quiz, Extempore, Debate and more) on December.. LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook page for further details..

Like the Page and stay tuned.. Thank you..
  Nirmalendu Bikas Mitra
Siliguri,West Bengal
Friday, 25. July 2014 08:35 AM   - Write a comment Send E-mail
Really interesting. Thanks a lot for your painstaking endeavour to make available the rich history of Murshidabad and the Nawabs. I am sorry I have not been able to visit such a historical place as yet but have promised after reading this page that I must go soon.
  Saikat Malakar
Thursday, 19. September 2013 11:27 AM   - Write a comment Send E-mail
After a long time i found a web site which makes my lips stretch. Very nice concept. Very nice animation. Sound it So pleasant. Each and every page comes with jaw dropping features. Very good collection of raja maharajas pictures. Very good explanation for every parts. Overall i am giving 9 out of 10 for this lovely website...
Friday, 30. August 2013 10:08 AM   - Write a comment Send E-mail
I am planning to go to Murshibad-Baharampur. I googled a bit and found this site to be the most interesting, historically correct and fascinating website. The volume of historical data supported buy relevant photographs is simply awesome. Happy to learn many historical facts through this site. Last but not the least, the web designing part and the concept behind the designing this whole site in sepia and vintage mode is truly nostalgic. Keep up the good work.
  Jyoti Prakash Bhattacharjee
Thursday, 9. May 2013 09:35 AM   - Write a comment Send E-mail
Recently I drove down to Murshidabad from here and contents of this site was of immense help in understanding the history attached to each places.
Thank you so much for this great site.
 Dr. Janu Kaul: Saturday, 2. August 2014 04:18 AM
This is a very nice website which details the history of Murshidabad. I am interested to know the following:

1) Who are the present day descendants of Murshid Quli Khan.
2) It appears he started becoming famous at the time of Mughals Farrokhsiyar and Aurangzeb. It is interesting to note that he got the name of Murshid Quli Khan after he converted to Islam from being a Brahmin. Is there any information on his other names, when he was young, was he known by name of Raj Kaul?

Farrokhsiyar had invited Raj Kaul to be his advisor, did he give him the title of Murshid Quli Khan or other names?

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