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Saturday, 8. August 2020 06:38 AM
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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New Zealand
Saturday, 27. June 2020 08:39 PM   - Write a comment Send E-mail
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  Sayan Aich
Wednesday, 16. January 2019 04:09 AM   - Write a comment Send E-mail
SAYAN AICH অনেক খুঁজে শেষে ব্রিটিশ মিউজিয়ামের ওয়েবসাইট থেকে ছবিটি পেলাম। সম্ভবতঃ এটাই মুর্শিদ কুলি খান নির্মিত "চাহাল সতুন" প্রাসাদ। ফার্সি ভাষায় "চাহাল সতুন" এর অর্থ চল্লিশ স্তম্ভ। ছবিটি থেকে প্রাসাদের স্তম্ভ সংখ্যা অনুমান করলে ৪০ হয়। ইরান এর ইস্ফাহান শহরে ১৭ শতকে নির্মিত "চাহাল সতুন" প্রাসাদ এর সাথে এই প্রাসাদটির অনেকাংশে মিল পেলাম। আশা করি আপনারা এই ছবিটির মর্ম বুঝবেন।ছবিটি তে প্রাসাদের সামনে বহমান ভাগীরথী নদীতে কয়েকটি বিলাসবহুল "ময়ূরপঙ্খী" - ও দেখতে পাওয়া যাচ্ছে।
  Imtiaz Qasem
Sunday, 1. January 2017 03:16 AM   - Write a comment
Is it possible for you to share the picture of the portrait of Nawab Wasif Ali Mirza on a white horse flanked by a tall black dog . I had seen this painting on the immediate right as soon as one enters the Hazaduari Palce Museum.
  Soumodeep Biswas
Calgary, Canada
Friday, 22. April 2016 10:42 PM   - Write a comment Send E-mail
SOUMODEEP BISWAS I am descendants of one of the Bengali Hindu patriots who fought against the tyranny of Islamic rule in Murshidabad/Bengal.
Trying to educated stockholm syndrome affected fools like you not to glorify islamic rule which only resulted in backwardness of our region and genocide of our people. No development took place under siraj. It was our darkest time, even darker then british rule.

Our brightest time was when the native indigenous people of Bengal, the hIndu bengalis ruled the region under Gangaridae, Gupta, Sena, Pala, under which we developed and flourished.
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  Soumodeep Biswas
Calgary, Canada
Friday, 22. April 2016 10:40 PM   - Write a comment Send E-mail
SOUMODEEP BISWAS This site is greatly designed and well written. But I do need to point out that a lot of information has turned into opinion here and that is wrong.

For example you have mainly tried to prove that Murshidabad under Islamic rule has flourished a lot glorifying siraj ud daulah and other muslim rulers.

This is a lie and a wrong fact. Would like to sue you for providing wrong information and making hero out of a character who committed mass scale genocide of Hindus.
You only give pictures of rulers sliding by on top starting from 1700 AD. It seems like you have stockholm syndrome. Google it and you will understand.

NO the greatest period of Murshidabad was not under Siraj ud daulah or Islamic barbaric rule. Golden period of Murshidabad was when Guptas, Gaudas, Gangaridae ruled Murshidabad and Bengal. Nabagram was the real name of Murshidabad for millenias before it became Murshidabad in 18th century.
All Siraj Ud Daulah and islamic rulers did was genocide the native Hindus of the district, mass conversion which resulted in 70% muslim population now and mass rape of women between 9 to 90 years old.

Bengali Hindu patriots sided with east India company to take down Siraj ud daulah in plassey to end the islamic rule once and forever, which they did and made them puppet ruler before focussing on driving the europeans out.

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