Murshidabad, due to its exciting past, houses different elements of History. It has also elements of Natural Beauty, as it is a land of rivers & Water bodies. Life style here is very much attached with social and religious custom, so the festivals also add to the intensity of celebrating mood of the people. After the Battle of Plassey in 1757 A.D, Clive on entering Murshidabad describes it thus : "The city of Murshidabad is as extensive, populous, and rich as the city of London, with this difference, that there are individuals in the first possessing infinitely greater property than in the last city. The inhabitants, if inclined to destroy the Europeans, might have done so with sticks and stones" [ Riyaz-us-salatin, a history of Bengal - By Ghulam Husain Salim, Translated from the original Persian By Maulavi Abdus Salim (1902) ]