Waresh Ali Mirza ওয়ারেশ আলি মির্জা (1959-1969 AD)

Waresh Ali Mirza
"Ihtisham-ul-mulk, Raes-ud-Daulla, Amir-ul-Omrah, Mahabat Jang (Dignifier of the Country, Premier of the State, Noble of Nobles, Horror in War)", Nawab Syud Waresh Ali Mirza Khan Bahadur , K.C.S.I., K.C.V.O., was the last Nawab of Murshidabad. He succeeded his father, Nawab Syud Wasef Ali Mirza after his death on 23rd October 1959, and ruled for ten years. Waresh Ali Mirza was born at Murshidabad on 14th November 1901 and was the eldest son of Wasef Ali Mirza by his first wife Nawab Sultan Dulhan Faghfur Jahan Begum Sahiba (daughter of Wala Kadir Syud Husain Ali Mirza Bahadur)


Waresh Ali Mirza received the (a) Page of Honour to Queen-Empress Mary during the Imperial Tour of India 1911 - 1912, (b) Delhi Durbar silver medal - 1911, (c) King George V Silver Jubilee Medal - 1935 and (d) King George VI Coronation Medal - 1937.

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Tomb of Waresh Ali Mirza
Tomb of Waresh Ali Mirza
He married (1) Zeenat-un-nisa Begum Sahiba née Moselle Meyer on August 1921 (Divorced on 29th March 1932). She was a lady of Jewish origin born in 1908 (daughter of Reuben Meyer & Flora) and died at Harrow, Middlesex in 1968. Married (2) Wahid-un-nisa Begum Sahiba [H.H. Nawab Begum of Murshidabad] née Muriel Frances Mchellan (She was born at London on 23rd November 1905).

Waresh Ali Mirza died at Calcutta, on 20th November 1969, having had issue, three sons and three daughters. Since then there has been no clear successor to the title.

  • Syud Waqar Ali Mirza [Chippu Sahib]. born in 1930 (s/o Zeenat-un-nisa)
  • Ranjit Kumar Ghose (step-son of Waresh Ali Mirza and his second wife, Wahid-un-nisa Begum)
  • Sahibzadi Nigar Ara Begum. born in 1924 (d/o Zeenat-un-nisa)
  • Sahibzadi Shajar Ara Begum. born in Aug 15, 1926 (d/o Zeenat-un-nisa); educated in India, and moved to London in 1961. She involved herself in numerous charities, fundraising for UNICEF and Anti-Slavery International and Marie Curie Cancer Care. She was Vice President of the English Speaking Union for South East Asia, a member of the Royal Society of St. George and of the European-Atlantic Group. She was also a patron of the Russian Orphans Organization, the ASHA Foundation and The Voice. She died on Dec 27, 2000. wikipedia.org
  • Sahibzadi Zeb-un-nisa Begum. born in 1928 (d/o Zeenat-un-nisa)
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