Bhagirathi and its change of course in Murshidabad

April 16, 2012, Mon 12:24 am


Bengal Delta
Bengal Delta
I t is believed that the Bhagirathi was the main flow of Ganga, hundreds of years ago. The present channel of the Bhagirathi, with its sacred traditions and ruined cities, marks the ancient course of the river Ganga. Captain Sherwill said it was the main river from Rajmahal (রাজমহল) to Sagar Island (সাগর দ্বীপ) in olden days, practically along the course of the present Hooghly River, which in due course became insignificant. The main river appears to have frequently changed its course below Gour in the last six centuries and successively discharged into the sea at different mouths, such as  •••••

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Unknown Burmese Tombs of Berhampore

May 15, 2011, Sun 1:04 am


T he town of Berhampore also shares its history with Burma ব্রহ্মদেশ(Republic of the Union of Myanmar). Five tombs said to be of the royal family members of Thibaw Min (থিবো মিন) the last ruler of the Alaungpaya or Konbaung Dynasty, Burma, are located here. Many people at Berhampore beleive that one of them may be of King Thibaw, whose remains were brought from Ratnagiri (Yadanagiri), Bombay, where he died. After Thibaw's defeat in the third Anglo-Burmese war, the Burmese royal family before being exiled to Ratnagiri, India, were brought to Murshidabad, and kept in exile at the Barracks of the Old Zilla Parishad (District Council) Building, Berhampore, which was said to be a Neel Kuthi (indigo centre) at that time. This building was also called as "Burma Kuthi" since members of Burmese Royal  •••••

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