68th World's Longest Swimming Competition

September 1, 2011, Thu 10:22 am


The world's longest rational open water swimming competition, organized by Murshidabad Swimming Association (মুর্শিদাবাদ সু্ইমিং অ্যাসোসিয়েশন), took place on 28th Aug, 2011. The competition took place in 3 events of 81-Kilometer (both male and female), 19-Kilometer Male and 19-Kilometer female. The 68th meet down the Bhagirathi river started from the Ahiron Barrage ghat, Jangipur (জঙ্গিপুর আহিরণ ঘাট) [Location Map : 24°32'N 88°02'E] upto Krishnath College Ghat [Location Map : 24°05'N 88°14'E] for the 81-Kilometer category. The 19-Kilometer category commenced from the Jiaganj Sadar ghat [Location Map : 24°14'N 88°15'E]. Total 80 competitors from various states of India and from Bangladesh took part in this event. The main attraction of this  •••••

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Murshidabad - Open Water Swimming Competition

September 7, 2010, Tue 2:18 am


On 5th September Murshidabad Swimming Association (মুর্শিদাবাদ সু্ইমিং অ্যাসোসিয়েশন) organized the 67th meet of open water swimming competition down the Bhagirathi river. The 81-kilometer competition began at 5 am from Jangipur Ahiron Barrage Ghat (জঙ্গিপুর আহিরণ ঘাট) [Location Map : 24°32'N 88°02'E] and ended at Berhampore Gorabazar Ghat (বহরমপুর গোরাবাজার ঘাট) [Location Map : 24°05'N 88°14'E] . In the 81-kilometer category 20 swimmers participated, among which one was female.

The organizers claimed that it is the  •••••

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