68th World's Longest Swimming Competition

September 1, 2011, Thu 10:22 am


The world's longest rational open water swimming competition, organized by Murshidabad Swimming Association (মুর্শিদাবাদ সু্ইমিং অ্যাসোসিয়েশন), took place on 28th Aug, 2011. The competition took place in 3 events of 81-Kilometer (both male and female), 19-Kilometer Male and 19-Kilometer female. The 68th meet down the Bhagirathi river started from the Ahiron Barrage ghat, Jangipur (জঙ্গিপুর আহিরণ ঘাট) [Location Map : 24°32'N 88°02'E] upto Krishnath College Ghat [Location Map : 24°05'N 88°14'E] for the 81-Kilometer category. The 19-Kilometer category commenced from the Jiaganj Sadar ghat [Location Map : 24°14'N 88°15'E]. Total 80 competitors from various states of India and from Bangladesh took part in this event. The main attraction of this special event were two physically handicapped swimmers Kanai Lal Chakraborty কানাইলাল চক্রবর্তী (Blind) and Binod Kumar Singh বিনোদ কুমার সিংহ (without arms by birth), in the 19-Kilometer male category. Curious people crowded on the banks of river Bhagirathi to cheer them.

Chandan Sarkar
The winner of the 81-Kilomter category was Chandan Sarker (চন্দন সরকার), son of Yashodadulal Sarkar (যশোদাদুলাল সরকার) master mason (রাজ মিস্ত্রি Raj Mistri) of Berhampore, and in the second position consecutively for the second time Deb Kumar Halder (দেবকুমার হালদার) a student of 12th standard, also of Berhampore. Deb Kumar lost his father about 20 days before this completion. His mother Sandhya Debi works as a house cook in the town. 25 years old Chandan works as a security guard in a private organization. Last year he was in the third postion. Chandan has taken part 7 times in this event and secured twice second position and one third position. Chandan Sarkar took 11 hours 4 minutes 43 seconds to complete the distance while Deb Kumar took 11 hours 17 minutes 8 seconds. In the third position was Md. Moonmoon Ahmed of Bangladesh with a timing of 11 hours 23 minutes 39 seconds. In the 81-Kilometer category there were total 27 competitors among them 5 were women.

Sanu Debnath
In the 19-Kilometer male category Sanu Debnath (সানু দেবনাথ) of Shyamnagar kept his first position again, taking 2 hours 9 minutes 32 seconds, Palash Chowdhury (পলাশ চৌধুরী) of Bangladesh in second position timing 2 hours 14 minutes 16 seconds and third Gishan Dhali (জিশান ঢালি) of Canning, North 24-Parganas timing 2 hours 14 minutes 41 seconds. There were 34 competitors in this category.

In the 19-Kilometer female category Priyanka Karmakar became first taking 2 hours 17 minutes 49 seconds, Nameeta Madgundi (নমিতা মাডগুন্ডি) of Nasik Swimming Club, Maharashtra became second with a timing of 2 hours 21 minutes 22 seconds and Janhavi Jaysing Bankar (জাহ্নবী জয়সি বনকর) of Aquatic Recreation Club, Maharashtra in the third position with a timing of 2 hours 25 minutes 55 seconds. There were 19 competitors in this category.

Result Sheets

81 Km :: Result_Sheet_81_Km.pdf
19 Km Men :: Result_Sheet_19_Km_Male.pdf
19 Km Women :: Result_Sheet_19_Km_Female.pdf

Worlds Longest Swimming Competion

This event is conducted every year by Murshidabad Swimming Association. This year the budget was about 25 lacs. The prize distribution ceremony was held at the Kumar Hostel ground and was presided by Sri Madan Mitra (Minister of State for Sports) and Sri Subrata Saha (Minister of State for Public Works).

Unsung Heros

Kanai Lal Chakraborty
Physically handicapped Binod Kumar Singh never let his disability to stand in his way and become a stumbling block in moving ahead in his life. Binod Kumar a student and resident of Noapara, North 24 parganas, was born without arms. His father is a school teacher at Noapara. During the last five years he took part in various competitions at India, England, Malaysia, Taiwan, Germany and Australia, and had won 22 gold medals. 39 years old Kanai Lal chakraborty of Krishnagar, Radhanagar, Shibmandir Para, lost both of his eyes during his childhood, due to wrong medical treatment. Overcoming his disability Kani Lal completed his higher secondary education and a polytechnic training from Dehradun. His family consists of his old mother and younger brother, who works in a shop. Though struggling in their daily life, his brother supports Kanai Lal with his hard-earned money, with which Kani Lal can only afford to take Black gram soaked in water, before his practice. Kani Lal has taken part in various swimming competitions from 8 to 24 kilometers distance, and every where his coach Chinmoy Das was with him, through whose eyes Kanai Lal sees his world while swimming.

Kanai Lal Chakraborty
Both Kanai Lal Chakraborty and Binod Kumar Singh completed the distance of 19 Kilometer, and proved their determination, overcoming all their barriers. Binod Kumar covered the distance in 3 hours 11 minutes 6 seconds, while Kanai Lal Chakraborty took 2 hours 59 minutes 31 seconds. "There are no incentives for disabled persons to take part in sports, nor there are any assured jobs" – both of them regretted.

Murshidabad Swimming Association

Since 1943 AD pre independence, this institute has paved the way for many talented swimmers. Many of them have crossed the English channel. Some of the notable personalities who were associated with this organization were Lala Babu (Sailendra Nath Biswas), Sana Biswas, Harinarayan Pal, Ram Saha and Satya Ranjan Ghosh (who later became the Secretary in 1950). The first event in 1943 was only for 3-Kilometers, from Farash Danga to Krishnath College Ghat. In 1947 it was extended to 19 Kilometers starting from Jiaganj. In 1961 it was shifted to Raghunathganj. As per clubs history the first female candidates were Dolly Biswas and her sister Moly Biswas.

In 1975 AD, the International Womans Year, Sri Siddhartha Shankar Roy then chief minister of Bengal inaugurated the first 11 Kilometer event for women from Lalbagh. In that event Ratan moni Roy Chowdhury of Tripura took the first position.

In 1979 AD the female category was extended to 19 kilometers from Jiaganj to Krishnath college ghat. That year Rina Banerjee of Bowbazar Byam Samiti became first.

In 1972 AD the event became International when Bangladesh participated. That year Roshan Ali was in the first position. Consecutively in 1973 he held his first position.

Among many notable swimmers who took part in this Club's annual event are Khagendra Nath Dutta, of West Bengal Police Sports Club Barackpore. Khagendra Nath Dutta kept his 1st position consecutively for 5 years from 1979 till 1983 and again in 1985 in 81 kilometers. The other notable swimmers were Bimal Kundu, Tarapada Das, Ananda Hazra, Subol Das, Sudhir Ranjan Sanyal (who later became the club secretary), Bula Chowdhury Charkaborty (in 1996 became first in 18 km event, she has crossed the English Channel twice), physically challenged swimmer Masudur Rahman Baidya (1997 crossed the English Channel), Abhijeet Rao, Taranath Sinha (Deaf and Dumb), V. Kutroli Saran, Reshmi Sharma (crossed the English channel twice), Amrita Das, physically handicapped Raja Ram Khag etc etc..

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glad to know about this competition. getting motivated after going through the profile of various swimmers. looking forward to be a part of this competition in year 2012. pl forward details and other important information.MK Singh, New Delhi

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for any enquiries you may contact Murshidabad Swimming Association, Berhampore, India - msdswimming@gmail.com

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Please send me information about long distance race 2014 .my email Id - hevish3@gmail.comI m interested 19 k.m. race. My contact no +91 9820773207.

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